Restar Communications Corporation

“Archieving the best interest of our clients"
We provide best solution for various needs by utilizing leading-edge technologies
and the integrated professionals.

Business Domain

We provide the highest quality service optimizing for each clients through the cutting-edge technology, and consistent one-stop service from planning,
designing, operational support to maintenance service.

We help client’s problems changing on a daily basis by using our know-how we had considerable experience in several fields.

Broadcast/Video production Solution

Coordinating the total workflow from HD to 4K/8K

We provide total solution from contents creation equipment such as shooting,relaying, editing, MA to delivery equipment such as contents management, archive, delivery covering a wide range of system integrations including interior construction.

Total Coordinate

We provide total coordination from professional production interior to installation of leading-edge equipment. We could manage whole process of planning without affecting client’s operation. We would control not only system configuration also total quality management to enhance customer satisfaction.

Broadcast/Video production Solution

Corporate enterprise and Retail store Solution

Providing the leading-edge imaging technology at several scenes

We support customer’s workstyle innovation by utilizing video conference system or digital signage, video distribution system.


  • Conference AV System
  • Paper-less Conference System
  • Audio Conference System
  • Video Conference System
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • In-house Digital Signage System
  • Visual Audio Delivery System
  • Video Production System

Retail Store

  • Digital Signage System
  • High resolution LED display System
  • Security Camera System
Corporate enterprise and Retail store Solution

Public Office/Autonomy/Public Service Solution

Efficient distributing information and improving service for community resident

We provide effective visual communication tools such as touch panel controlled representative assembly recording system, digital signage and conference system.

Public Office/ Autonomy

  • Touch panel controlled Conference System
  • Paper-less Conference System
  • Contingency planning AV System

Public Service

  • Digital Signage System
  • Big-scale imaging delivery System
  • Imaging Delivery System
  • Big-scale imaging delivery System
  • AV System
Corporate enterprise and Retail store Solution

Educational Institute Solution

Contributing the improvement of educational quality and development of human resources

We provide total solution including maintenance and operational support regarding audiovisual equipment for lecture room and ICT equipment related to educational field.

Educational Institute Solution

Security/Industrial video equipment Solution

“Machine eye” can see invisible thigs help client’s safety and

For FA, surveillance and security application, we coordinate camera,some peripherals and imaging analysis to provide best solution.

Security/Industrial video equipment Solution

Medical agency Solution

Providing several audiovisual system using in medical practice

We have several knowledges about medical audiovisual systems which are using in operational site and surgical field, and also monitor and printer which can mount medical equipment.

Deliver the image to several operational sites and surgical fields

Providing each latest equipment for medical industry

Medical agency Solution

Life Science Industry

Providing the laboratory design and the analyzation equipment
for medical and basic research

We provide the latest product from around the world, and comprehensively support using the solution carefully selected by our team in the biotechnology industry.

Sony biotechnology inc., Flow Cytometer

Sony biotechnology inc., support the leading-edge research utilizing the advanced technology.

The world’s fist digital high-throughput benchtop SPR system

Nicoya Lifesciences provide the SPR machine with the cutting-edge microfluidics technology.

High resolution, high multiplex , and powerful digital PCR

JN Medsys provide highly sensitive and highest resolution digital PCR with the unique and cost effective chip-in-a-tube design.

High purified and quality polymerase made from 12 step

PCR Biosystems provide Taq DNA Polymerase with the efficient and relevant specific high qualification.

Life Science Industry

Electronic Equipment

Aim for Only One of Niche Market

We provide high-technology measurement equipment around the world. Additionally we support proper installation, technical training, calibration, maintenance, andrepair services with advanced techniques.

EMC Equipment & Material

Offering high frequency measurement solutions (Antenna/OTA/EMC

SAR Measurement system

Offering SAR (specific absorption rate) measurement & simulation

Environmental & Biotechnology Equipment

Offering Environmental & Biotechnology measurement equipment

Optical Electronics Solution

Offering Nanotechnology measurement solution
Measuring and analyzing of Optical/Thin-Film Thickness/Nano
technology Measurement

Equipment Maintenance service

Measurement service
Maintenance customer service

Electronic Equipment


Supporting customer’s operation by using extensive rental equipment and various media

We have latest rental equipment and various media for broadcast and contents creation.

Rental Business

Depending on client’s schedule, we could provide full-lineup for 4K/HD production equipment. We could deal long-term rental demand flexibly.
●4K equipment・・・Camera, Lens, Monitor etc.
●HD equipment・・・Camera, Lens, Monitor, Recorder etc.
●Peripheral equipment・・・Memory, Tripod, Lighting, Switcher, Audio-equipment etc.
Desk: Weekday and Saturday (Closed on Sunday and holidays)
Delivery: Rent on previous day of usage, and return to the next day.

Professional Media

We have full of stock to deliver quickly.
●Professional Recording Media
●SONY Professional Media –XDCAM,HDCAM,HDCAM-SR,HDV, SxS, Portable Storage, Optical Disk Archive cartridge
●A wide variety of Media –HDD, SSD, XQD, SDHC,Cfast,CFcard etc.
Desk:Weekday 9:00-18:00 ※Mail or Fax is available in 24 hours.

Maintenance/Operational support

Assisting on the stable system environment and client’s operational management

We provide various types of support plans that customers can use in their best condition.

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“Archieving the best interest of our clients"
We provide best solution for various needs with cutting-edge
technologies and the integrated professionals.

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